Avensus understands that the services and products it provides are an important element of your organisation. Although our services are often not immediately visible, reliable information and securely equipped systems are a critical factor in all operational management. As such, we devote a great deal of attention to quality assurance.


It all starts with the selection of the very best technical people. Our specialists must bring the right expertise if we are to produce secure and reliable IT solutions. This expertise is maintained through regular training and education and provides Avensus with a widely certified team of specialists who guarantee the required expertise and quality.

Partner management

By choosing the right strategic and technological partners, Avensus is able to implement the desired quality in the systems in which information is processed and stored. The exponential growth of new technologies means Avensus has its finger on the pulse here too and selects and evaluates its partners with the utmost of care.

ISO certification

Our services and supplies are delivered according the ISO 9001:2008 standard. Avensus has been certified for many years. Improving client satisfaction is central to the ISO standard. The certification dovetails with our desire for continuous improvement of the quality of our service delivery.


Listen to what our clients have to say:

Sometimes you need external expertise – Stan Hol Horeman, IT Manager at Sint Jacob centers for elderly care
“I know from experience that you sometimes need to call on external expertise. Avensus is completely focused on KA, that is their core business. After taking stock together, we were able to identify the most crucial focus points and optimise the environment. Our employees benefit from that in day-to-day practice and now have a reliable and robust environment again”

Do not be afraid to let go of ICT – Maurits de Jong, IT Project Coordinator, Altra Jeugdzorg
“Many healthcare organisations are still resistant to innovation. They are afraid to let go of their own ICT systems. I now know from experience that you are far better off with partners like Avensus. Our ICT seemed cheaper when it worked less effectively. Now it really is cheaper and more productive”  

Ruud Kenbeek, Security Specialist

Ruud Kenbeek
Security Specialist

Knowledeagble, comitted and result-driven; these are our core values. They directly relate to the quality Avensus delivers. In the end the most important thing is that our client is pleased with the result and every day our impassioned team does their very best to achieve this goal. Avensus is ISO certified. Every year we conduct a customer satisfaction research (CSR), which gives us important input about how our clients think Avensus is performing. That way we can improve ourselves on a continuous basis.”

     CSR Results

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