Financial Services

  • Less Risks and More Compliancy

  • Flexibility and Continuity

  • Digital Transformation

The financial sector, including banks, accountancy and assurance, are in the lead when it comes to innovative IT technologies to increase productivity and security. Rapid digitisation – and with it increased dependency, coupled with stringent legislative requirements – means the required levels of continuity, efficiency and customer service are particularly high. Strict supervision by DNB (the central bank of the Netherlands), mandatory notification of data breaches; these developments mean financial institutions in particular are increasingly abandoning the traditional approach to information security.

Important issues include:

  • What is my Infosec policy and what criteria do I need to comply with; am I compliant?
  • What are my primary business objectives and how do these influence my operational processes?
  • Have I classified my data based on a business impact analysis?
  • Have I labelled my critical data? Where is this information located within my environment and how is it transferred inside and outside my environment?

Once these questions have been answered, it is possible to take adequate measures to secure data and data streams. Avensus has a historical track record of service in partnership with leading financial service providers and as such is better apprised of the legal requirements than anyone else in the field. Avensus guarantees these by translating expertise into fulfilment of client needs, thus reducing costs and risks and ensuring compliance.

Als deze vragen zijn beantwoord is het mogelijk om adequate maatregelen te nemen voor het beveiligen van data en datastromen. Avensus heeft een historische staat van dienst in haar samenwerking met vooraanstaande financiële dienstverleners en is zodoende als geen ander op de hoogte van de wettelijke vereisten. Ze weet deze te waarborgen door kennis te transformeren naar de wensen van de klant om daarmee kosten en risico’s te verminderen en naleving.

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