Smart Security

A digital future without risks. That is what Avensus is aiming to achieve for its clients. The exponential growth of technologies is changing our society, increasingly higher criteria are being demanded in respect of digitisation and privacy. The challenge is for organisations to continue strengthening their competitive edge by utilising IT innovations and monitoring regulations closely. It is more essential than ever to inspire confidence in the digital age.

What risks are you prepared to take?
Understand the implications for business continuity if critical data and/or your client data is compromised. Data protection is the essence of IT security, but it is important to look at the whole chain and to ensure that neither internal nor external users can create a weak link. The appropriate identity checks and authorisations therefore also play an important role in securing your networks.

Avensus supports its clients in the field of IT Security with important criteria being risk mitigation & compliance, identity checks and the ability to share data securely. In addition, your environment needs to be secure as well as workable; whether on-site or in the cloud.

Solutions we offer in this respect include:


  • Sterke Authenticatie

    Gecontroleerde toegang tot gevoelige data
    Minder Risico’s & meer Compliancy - Controle over Identiteiten - Transparante Veiligheid
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  • NextGen Firewall & Breach Detection

    Controle buiten én in onze netwerken
    Bescherming van aanvallen moeten zowel aan de rand als binnen onze netwerken plaatsvinden.
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  • Endpoint Security & Malware Defense

    Controle in de cloud én in onze netwerken
    Cybercrime, phishing, ransomware; meer dan ooit worden onze netwerken blootgesteld aan bedreigingen. Bewustwording en de juiste IT-security maatregelen moeten in place zijn.
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  • Secure Application Delivery

    Informatie veilig delen
    Diensten en informatie moeten veilig worden gedeeld en aangeboden. 1 centraal toegangspunt waar verschillende diensten samenkomen is heel goed en veilig mogelijk
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  • Smart Security Services

    Cybercrime stop niet om 17.00 uur
    24x7 contole op uw systemen. Systemen als SIEM vergen niet alleen aandacht maar vragen ook om deskundigheid om signalen op te volgen.
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